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Com divers – Day one

So the first day is done and dusted, got to meet the guys here. Good bunch of guys. Day consisted of registration, a lecture on the history of diving and some videos on the history too.

Tomorrow will be our physical and then starting with our PADI and NAUI courses.

Rather tired after all the lectures, haven’t had to write or listening like that since college.

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Time is nigh!

Time is almost nigh for my commercial dive course. I am doing it through Jacks Dive Chest, based out in Strand.

I completed my medical on Friday for it. 3 hour long medical with ECG tests, X-rays, Urine, balance and hearing tests.

My medical was set for 11:30am, so I awoke a little early as I had stuff I needed to get for the course. New wetsuit (7mm), booties (5mm), fins (scuba) I am not allowed to use you spearfishing gear, what a drag :)

So I finished all my stuff a little early and decided to go have coffee, in retrospect it was not the best idea as the caffeine and probably nerves too increased my ‘resting’ (beating a mile a minute) heart rate to 57bpm (normally low 50’s).

First was some lung capacity check thing, I had to breath in as deeply as I could then exhale (through this tube in my mouth) as hard and as fast as I could, then continue that for 6 seconds. It is incredibly painful to continue blowing out through your diaphragm when you have nothing left to blow out.
The result were pretty good, I have a lung capacity of 7.8L and I can expel 88.7% of the air in my lungs in the first second (not sure what that really means, will find out more on that later).

Next was my HR and blood pressure check, remember the coffees I had? Yea, my BP was 131/85 little high. Next I had to lie back and got the ECG machine hooked up to me.
I then had to get on an exercise bike and do a rather tough 5:30 hill climbing cycle, after that I was hooked up back to the ECG and had my HR measured again it was now at 146bmp, after lying on the bed for 3min it was down to 65bmp. My Dr said it was pretty good but my brother the elite cyclist said I was unfit, yes Deon I know :).

Next was a gruelling 1hour wait to get my chest X-rays done. Then a few balance tests and a hearing test they all went pretty smoothly.

So all I have left now is to complete this course, 8 weeks of diving, theory and hard work…BRING it on!

I will try and keep an update/log about my adventure as often as I can.

Regards, Shifty!

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Com Diving

I finally have gotten everything in place for my com-diver course, I am having my medical on Wednesday so I am hoping for the best I shouldn’t have a problem. Although I am a little worried about my eye :( in std 6 a friend shot me in my left eye with a pellet gun and now I have less 10-15% vision :(

I am so excited for it, this going to be life changing for me.

I will be posting pics and updates throughout the 8 week course!

Regards, Shifty

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Diving within your limits

Where to begin?  Well firstly I would like to be able to fly to England and smack my mate, *James in the face with a live Trout (old #Hottub , Mirc thing).

This friend of mine, James came for a visit to sunny old Cape Town and after the two weeks that he spent here John and I had pretty much successfully gotten him hooked on spearfishing.  So once he got back to England he went online and bought his gear and hasn’t looked back since, that was in Feb, if I recall correctly.

Last night I got a rather disturbing text from him telling me that he had experienced some sort of ‘blackout’. Read the rest of this entry »

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Spearfishing Video – Pesca Sub

I have seen quite a few videos by these guys and they are incredible spearo’s to say the lest. How patient and smooth they are is inspiring.

Fish in the video include: Marlin, Amberjack, Snappers, Yellow and Longfin Tuna… Read the rest of this entry »

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Why are we afraid of Sharks?

I came across this on youtube and almost started crying while watching certain parts in the film.  Even at 30 years of age it still astounds me how ruthless, vile and savage the human race can be.

“People who fear sharks in this day and age, fear only knowledge. Most lack the education to understand the truth about sharks and their place in the ocean and that fear of them will lead to the oceans fall.  If there is going to be hope for survival in the future, those who fear sharks, will need to be taught to fear for them…

Interviews in order of appearance, Terri Harrison, Chang Chin, Ryan Banks, Dominee Gallagher, Ernst Stewart, Janine Goyetche, Madison Stewart.
tiger feeding by Connor Cassidy and Travis Gregg. Shark fining footage from ‘SHARKWATER’ by Rob Stewart.
A film by Madison Stewart

Video below the break…

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Far and Away

I haven’t had much time to update my blog or to do any spearfishing. Suck to be me :(

I have been extremely busy with work, and now I am on a business trip to Vryburg. As the name suggests I am in the middle of SA, no really body of water for miles.

I will be back in CT next week and hopefully the weather and water has cleared up and I can get back into the sea.

Until then I will try post some vids from the web, just to keep it going.

Laters Shifty

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