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Spearfishing – The world we live in…

There is something spiritual about spearfishing, dropping into the water you are first met with the cold and undulation of the swell.

You lie there floating face down in the water, feeling your body rise and fall with the waves as you stare down towards the depths below. Slowing your breathing you start imagining your descent, picturing that perfect fish and the perfect shot.
Your vision is focused on something in the water.

You struggle to keep your heart rate down as you see your prey beneath you, lungs filling with precious oxygen, diaphragm expanding as you take your last breath. You duck your head under the water, with a pull of the arms and a quick kick of the legs you start to sink, slowly but controlled you glide to the bottom.

And this is our world, the world of the Spearfishermen. It is quiet and peaceful. You lie on the bottom, watching the fish swim around you, looking up, you see the tall kelp stalks towering above you. Reaching up towards the light, towards the world you use to belong to. But no longer…

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Spearfishing – Blue Spearo’s Galjoen Competition

Blue Spearo’s spearfishing club are hosting a Gallie Shoot in Cape Town 3 March 2012.

Contact : Nico at for more details.

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Spearfishing – The dangers thereof

As Spearos we know that there are inherent dangers that come with our beloved sport.
We have to look out for the Taxman, Johnnies or whatever nickname it is that you call Sharks by. We have to make sure not to dive beyond our depths, watch out for SWBs and Sambas.
Keep an eye out for other dangerous critters and fish. Not getting tangled in our rigs and watch currents and drift distances.

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Spearfishing – Saunder’s Rock (Bantry Bay: Cape Town)

Bantry Bay, Saunders Rock

Bantry Bay, Saunders Rock

Spearfishing in Cape Town:

Saunders Rock: Bantry Bay

This great little spot is located in Bantry Bay / Seapoint. If you head down Queens Street then take the left all the way at the bottom right at the beach. Head along until you get to a no entry sign (the road becomes a one way), find parking and take a small walk up the one way (about 10m) there is a stairway heading down to the rocks. That is where you will enter the water.

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Spearfishing – Poll: Where do you mount your camera?

Been chatting to a few fellow spearos about where to mount a GoPro onto a spear gun. Everyone gave different opinions and reasons why. I decided to take it to the interwebs and see what you guys think.

Select your option bellow to help me decide.

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Spearfishing – ‘@spearoboy sexy Spearo’

My mate Tyrel Fred* messing about before his dive today. FYI the outside temp is -4 thankfully the water is a warm 7•C

A man who wishes to remain anonymous

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