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My First Fish!

Well there it is guys and gals, my first fish shot!  Finally.  I can only really dive on weekends so it took me a while to get him, his name is Edgar and he is a Hottentot.  Edgar was 34cm from mouth to tail so well over the legal limits, and a rather fleshy fella he was.

Also he tasted great !

My first fish

Edgar was his name


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My first time in…

Getting ready for my first time in the water, DAMN I love the way my suit looks.  I should be a Navy Seal.

Well this was taken at Bakoven Beach, just up from the Pick n Pay in Camps Bay, nice little cove there, pretty much protected from the elements and the seas normally is all that rough.

Well, John and myself got dressed and headed into the water, which is always warm in my 5mm suit, but poor John uses his 4mm Surf suit, so he feels the cold a little.

Over all the dive was great fun.  Vis was decent, surge and swell was non-existent but alas there were no fish to be seen, almost 2 hours in the water and we didn’t see anything worth shooting.

Me coming out the water.

This is me coming out of the water after 2 hours, honestly I could have stayed in for twice as long, but we had other friends and girl friends awaiting our return.

John feeling the cold a little

This is John, shame, he really does feel the cold in his little 4mm suit with no hood.  Hopefully he will be getting a proper suit soon, but for the mean time this will suffice.

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Got my Suit!

Headed of to Eckart this weekend and got my suit.  Awesome Freedivers green camo open cell hooded two piece suit.  I also picked up my fins (Rob Allen ‘Couta’s”), socks and weight belt, crazy how cheap Eckart is.

The Mask and snorkel I picked up at a regular dive shop.

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This is where it all began…

John (a good friend of mine) and I where talking in December of ’10, trying to decide on what activity we should take up in the new year.  For some reason spearfishing came up and we decided to do some research on the subject.

Got on youtube, searched for ‘spearfishing’ and started watching some clips, well…we were hooked, this was the sport/activity we were looking for.

We were hungry for knowledge and scoured the interwebs for more on the subject, thankfully we came across a local, and very busy, spearfishing forum called Sealine and there we met people, people that have now become friends and advisors, dive buddies and comrades of the deep.  We also met Eckart (the man that supplies us with everything we need to continue this addiction).

It took a while for us actually to get into the water, having to buy all the equipment, getting the permits and finding out where we could actually go and hunt fishes.  But a few days later and a few thousand rand spend we were wet and stalking fish :)

This is just a blog about my spearfishing adventures.  Enjoy!

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