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Spearfishing mishap (broken mask strap)

So @spearo_john and myself decide to head on over to Millers today for a spot of spearfishing,
forgetting that it is the Simon’s Town Naval festival this weekend so traffic getting there was an absolute nightmare and coupled with road works, stop and go’s and egghead drivers pushing in, a normal 45min drive turned into a 2h50min mission.

Oh yes, forgot to mention that vis reports were not looking great either… But we are spearos, even a slim chance of getting fish is better than not going in the water and thus having no chance.

Arriving at Millers we see a couple of guys in the water already, so it can’t be all that bad, can it? Dying to try out my new Freedivers suit we kit up and head into the water.

Vis there is about 2.5 – 3m, not great but workable. I notice my mask isn’t sitting as comfortably as it should be so I try and adjust the strap in the water and somehow proceed to snap the strap. THIS IS LESS THAN 10MIN INTO THE DIVE! :(

No spare at hand what do you think I did? That’s right… I wasn’t going to leave my buddy out there alone, so I swam over to the float, cut a bit of line and MacGyver’ed my strap. Was a little uncomfortable but managed it.

Here is the result of my handy work.
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Spearfishing Regulations (Sizes & Bag Limits)

Guys I have just added a new page, Regulations, that pertains to the allowed daily catch size (limit) and the minimum size allowed to be landed for each species (Details on the page will be updated when new information becomes available).

Please learn them and pass them onto other spearo’s as well as anglers.  It is up to us to look after our seas.

Laters, Shifty


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