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It has been a while since my last update. But things are going well, unfortunately we haven’t been able to do to much mining as the seas have been against us but things are looking very good for this week.

We heading in tomorrow to get the boat shipshape and clean, really more of a maintenance day. We also have to move and check our pipes since we have had some really rough seas lately.

Need to get to bed can see tomorrow is going to be a hard day again.

Laters, Shifty

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Omg! Today was the hardest most difficult day of my life!! I have never done so much physical work ever, gym can suck it, Navy Seals Hellweek, bleh, this is sooo hectic.

I am going to bed, far to tired to explain it all. Will hopefully update tomorrow.

Night all, Shifty.

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Day 4 – Diamond Diving

So…once again the sea was horrid and we were unable to get into the water. We did however move everything we needed to the dive site, ready and waiting to hopefully do some work tomorrow.

We did manage to go shooting again today, took out his .22 with scope and silencer :p like shooting a BB gun. Actually I think a BB gun has more kick :). The other rifle we took out was his 7mm magnum, WHAT A BEAST!!…compared to the .243

Struggled a little to be that accurate at 200m with this beast but didn’t do to badly. Was about 3in off center on all the shots, will get better with practise. You can call me ‘Hawk Eye’ soon. I have videos of today and yesterday but they are to large to upload :(

Ok peeps I am off have a killer evening and chat soon.

Laters, Shifty

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Day 3 – Diamond Diving

Didn’t do much today, we went down to the mine, did some more prospecting and found a pretty sweet spot which we are going to try mine tomorrow, sea dependent.

After that we got home at about 13h30 to find all the shops close at 12h00 :(

Barend decided to take Red, his 18month old Ridgeback, for a run. There are miles upon miles of open, semi desert land here. You can get in your car and a few miles out of town you can drive for 100km without seeing anyone.
So we tagged along, partly because we were bored at home but mainly because he was taking one of his rifles along with him.

We stopped at his little range to get use to his knew scope on his .243. I must admit I am a deadly shot at both 100m & 200m, even with a slight cross wind blowing ;)

We then took a drive around looking for Jackals which we are allowed to shoot as they are vermin and attack the sheep here…didn’t find any :(

I am off to sleep now. Laters Shifty

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Day 2 – Diamond Diving

Today we headed down to the ‘mine’, by mine I mean the entire coastline as that is were we do the diving.

Firstly we stopped of at the harbour to make sure Barends boat was nice and secure. Tightening up mooring lines and laying another anchor.

Rough seas are predicted until Monday so we can’t get any diving in as the concession we are working in is shore based. It is far to dangerous to dive like that kind of water.

We spent the day walking the beach looking for other areas to try and mine, pretty much prospecting from the beach.

Walking around these massive rocks and boulders, I rounded one right on the edge and walked right into a sun bathing seal. Not really having a good look at him, I did notice foam around his mouth. He raised to all four and started ‘barking’ and blowing at me. I got the fright of my life and turned tail and ran, much to the enjoyment of my fellow works buddies.

I really don’t like seals that close and personal.

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Day 1 as a Diamond Diver

So this day (running on 36hours straight now) is almost over.

We started this long day by arriving here in Alexanderbaai at 6am and not sleeping at all on the bus due to the constant stop starting and a hour and a half delay due to a traffic accident.

We then had to go to the mine to get our security clearances, but this was easier said than done as we had to go from place to place getting this form then that form then to the hospital to change our dive medicals to some other type of certificate. Then back to the mine for headshots and access cards.

Finally at about 4pm we were able to sit down and relax. And right now we have just finish a divine Bluewater Buffalo venison curry and washed it down with a beer. Absolutely amazing!

Tomorrow we are heading to the mine/harbour to make sure the boat is moored properly and will throw in another anchor just incase as there is very rough seas predicted for the weekend.

We will then be heading to the site to jack up and move a massive boulder so we can work that pothole.

Will let you all know how it went tomorrow evening.

Laters and good evening, Shifty

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Diamond Diver in training

I was lucky enough to secure a job before finishing my commercial divers course as a diamond diver up on the west coast in Alexander Bay, along with my close friend John.

We will be working in concession A1 area, which is the highest diamond deposits around.

Also, we will be doing all the grunt work from prospecting to marking off areas. Dredging and working the compressors. Dive outfit consists of a Hookah vest, DV and mask.

Once the gravel for the day has been sucked up we will be sorting and washing it ourselves. Looking for and removing the diamonds on the conveyor belt.

Sitting on the bus right now heading off to Springbok and from there to our new home for the next 3-4 weeks. We will be working on a 3weeks on, 1week off schedule. But depending on sea conditions that may change.

Will promise to keep this adventure updated almost daily.

Time to lie back and relax on the bus.
Hope you all are well.

Laters Shifty

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Commercial Diver course finished!

8 weeks goes by so fast. Remember day one, feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Meeting new people, whom have now become good friends.

We got our certificates and diving ticket last night along with a dog tag hahaha.

Started the evening with a braai and drinks. We then moved on to pool and cake, as it was Jody Goosen’s birthday. After a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday we had some photos taken with the birthday boy.

Later that evening we packed and went home. With a album full of memories and moments never to be forgotten. I will miss that place greatly along with the bad food, cold water and the hilter-like supervising diver Demitrio.

A new adventure is awaiting John and I, stay tuned to find out more.

Laters Shifty

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