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Blue Spearo’s – Gallie Shoot [Competition] #Spearfishing

gallie_shootHey guys almost that time again when Galjoen season opens (1st March).  And as such the  Blue Spearo’s are having their Galjoen spearfishing competition.

Here is the latest Gallie Shoot Documentation.

Click me -> Gallie Shoot 2014 Registration Document

Gallie Shoot 2014 Registration Document

As soon as they give out more info I will amend this post.

Until then safe spearing!


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#VisWatch – Atlantic Seaboard

The Atlantic side seems to be taking an age to clean up.

“Atlantic Seaboard was FUBAR this morning :(“

But if conditions hold up, Millers should be epic this weekend!

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Shark in the Shallows at Fish Hoek

Shark in shallow water on Fish Hoek Beach behind the trek-fishing net. Another Reason I don’t like them trekkies.

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#Spearfishing group on Facebook – #VisWatch

Shifty: “Simba, dude you wana go dive?”
Simba: “Yea I am keen! Any Idea what the sea is looking like?”
Shifty: “No idea, but lets give it a shot.”
*Drives out to location*
Shifty: “Jees the water it dirty.”
Simba: “Yea…I don’t feel like getting in there” 
*goes home rather disappointed”

Has something like this happened to you?  I am sure it has and as a result you have wasted time when you could have driven to a different spot with better conditions…if you had only known about it.

Vis Watch on Facebook is trying eliminate that. With over 220 spearo’s in and around the Cape Town area giving feed back on swell, water temp and visibility conditions, in various spearfishing locations around the Western Cape, the chances of you driving out to your favourite spot just to find that the conditions are less than ideal are slowly fading away. Photos of the locations are a great help too.

I will start posting comments from the Facebook page here (linked to my Twitter feed) with the #VisWatch hashtag.  Hoping that it will catch on.

Happy spearing all.

~ Shifty

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African Spearo (Vol.2) : Struisbaai Madness_Ep.1 [Video]

Charlie Myburgh and his crew dive their sharky home waters around Struisbaai (South Africa), located at the southern most tip of Africa. Being late autumn, they dive spectacular inshore reefs and also find large shoals of young Yellowtail Kingfish 12nm offshore… Watch in HD!

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Spearfishing – Hottie Shoot [video]

Charlie Myburgh hunts the “Cape Hottentot” fish specie in cold kelpy waters on the famous South African west coast around Dassen Island, located 5nm offshore, during the Huguenote “Hottieshoot” spearfishing competition. This short film takes the viewer through the events of the day right up to the prize giving, announcing the 2013 Hottieshoot Champion, interviews and more… Watch in HD!

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Spearfishing – 1 June 2013 (Prizes)

Here are the prizes for the All Species Shoot happening on the 1 June 2013.

1st Place: R750.00 worth Rabitech merchandise
2nd Place: R500.00 worth Rabitech merchandise
3rd Place: R250.00 worth Rabitech merchandise

Louis from Rabitech also sponsoring a lucky draw prize of his choice. There are some discount vouchers on skippers courses up for grabs and a few other things. They are still waiting on finalising the other sponsorships…

I will keep this updated as I find out more.

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Spearfishing mishap (broken mask strap)

So @spearo_john and myself decide to head on over to Millers today for a spot of spearfishing,
forgetting that it is the Simon’s Town Naval festival this weekend so traffic getting there was an absolute nightmare and coupled with road works, stop and go’s and egghead drivers pushing in, a normal 45min drive turned into a 2h50min mission.

Oh yes, forgot to mention that vis reports were not looking great either… But we are spearos, even a slim chance of getting fish is better than not going in the water and thus having no chance.

Arriving at Millers we see a couple of guys in the water already, so it can’t be all that bad, can it? Dying to try out my new Freedivers suit we kit up and head into the water.

Vis there is about 2.5 – 3m, not great but workable. I notice my mask isn’t sitting as comfortably as it should be so I try and adjust the strap in the water and somehow proceed to snap the strap. THIS IS LESS THAN 10MIN INTO THE DIVE! :(

No spare at hand what do you think I did? That’s right… I wasn’t going to leave my buddy out there alone, so I swam over to the float, cut a bit of line and MacGyver’ed my strap. Was a little uncomfortable but managed it.

Here is the result of my handy work.
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Great white mysteries unravelled – Cape Times

Great white mysteries unravelled – Cape Times

Melanie Gosling

Environment Writer

IF you spot a great white shark close inshore in False Bay this summer, your first thought will probably not be to wonder what sex it is – particularly if you’re in the water.

Nevertheless, scientists can now tell you that you would almost certainly be looking at a female great white.

That they can say this is the result of groundbreaking research by Cape Town shark scientists who tracked the movements of 56 tagged white sharks of both sexes in False Bay for nearly three years.
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Spearfishing Statues

Spearfishing Statues

Darrell Hattingh over at Oceanic Images has been hard at work creating some stunning new spearfishing statues for us.

All the art work has been hand crafted by one of South Africa’s best marine artists’. The replicas and statues are all hand made from resin and top quality paint is used.

Wall replicas and statues make ideal gifts. For fishermen and marine enthusiasts, as wall decorations, in pubs, foyers, on office desks and even floating trophies for your local spearfishing or angling club.

Here are some of his latest:

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