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De-Mist your Mask

De-Mist your Mask

How to… De-Mist your Mask.

There is absolutely nothing worse than getting into the water only to have your mask fog up on you all the time, here are a few tips and tricks to help you prevent this horrible thing from happening to you

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It is here!

Well, my Ultimate Spearfishing Mag arrived today :) can’t wait to start reading it.


Ultimate Spearfishing Mag

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Aim a Railgun

Aim a Railgun

How to… Aim a Railgun.

-by Rob Allen

Aiming a speargun differs from person to person. Many old divers have had a problem trying to get used to railguns. I put this down to the way they were used to aiming the old non-rail type gun. A common method is to look at the tip of the spear, put this on the spot you want to aim at and then lift the handle up. As the tip disappears from sight, pull the trigger.

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