Diving within your limits

15 Jun

Where to begin?  Well firstly I would like to be able to fly to England and smack my mate, *James in the face with a live Trout (old #Hottub , Mirc thing).

This friend of mine, James came for a visit to sunny old Cape Town and after the two weeks that he spent here John and I had pretty much successfully gotten him hooked on spearfishing.  So once he got back to England he went online and bought his gear and hasn’t looked back since, that was in Feb, if I recall correctly.

Last night I got a rather disturbing text from him telling me that he had experienced some sort of ‘blackout’.  Apparently he was lying on the bottom tracking this fish when the fish got skittish and started swimming off.  So James in his infinite wisdom starts following his prey.  I am not sure how long he followed him for but, he says the next thing he remembered was feeling an overwhelming peacefulness and to his surprise he was floating on the surface.

I am not sure how this happened as they were down at about 10m and with his weight setup should have been neutrally buoyant.  Maybe as he was following the fish he was swimming upwards?

Suffices to say he got out the water after his ‘experience’.  Now can you see why I wanted to smack him with a live Trout?

Not even a week ago, I sent him some info on SWB’s and he did some research on the subject, texting me facts, figures and statistics he found.  Guess they didn’t work?

James I hope this little experience has taught you a valuable lesson and in future be careful  and be patient no fish on this planet is worth that.

Remember; Fish can hold their breath longer than we can, dive within your limits (no need to try and show off anything especially when you are still learning) and Live to Dive and Dive to Live!

*James – Not his real name, it has been changed to protect the stupid!

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