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Why are we afraid of Sharks?

I came across this on youtube and almost started crying while watching certain parts in the film.  Even at 30 years of age it still astounds me how ruthless, vile and savage the human race can be.

“People who fear sharks in this day and age, fear only knowledge. Most lack the education to understand the truth about sharks and their place in the ocean and that fear of them will lead to the oceans fall.  If there is going to be hope for survival in the future, those who fear sharks, will need to be taught to fear for them…

Interviews in order of appearance, Terri Harrison, Chang Chin, Ryan Banks, Dominee Gallagher, Ernst Stewart, Janine Goyetche, Madison Stewart.
tiger feeding by Connor Cassidy and Travis Gregg. Shark fining footage from ‘SHARKWATER’ by Rob Stewart.
A film by Madison Stewart

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