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Loading your Speargun

Loading your Speargun

How to… Load your Speargun.

It is not uncommon to struggle to load your first speargun and suspect it has come with too short a rubber.  If this is you the chances are that you are not doing it right Рspeargun loading is 80% technique and only 20% strength.

Before we start lets get a few safety points first:

  • Never ever load your gun out of the water.¬† To practise pulling back the rubbers note how far back the notches are and remove the shaft to prevent accidental loading.
  • Modern spearguns¬†must be loaded on your chest not your hip.
  • Generally the higher up on your chest you can get the handle the easier it will be to pull the rubbers the rest of the way.
  • It is easier in the water with a wetsuit on.

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