#Spearfishing group on Facebook – #VisWatch

22 Jan

Shifty: “Simba, dude you wana go dive?”
Simba: “Yea I am keen! Any Idea what the sea is looking like?”
Shifty: “No idea, but lets give it a shot.”
*Drives out to location*
Shifty: “Jees the water it dirty.”
Simba: “Yea…I don’t feel like getting in there” 
*goes home rather disappointed”

Has something like this happened to you?  I am sure it has and as a result you have wasted time when you could have driven to a different spot with better conditions…if you had only known about it.

Vis Watch on Facebook is trying eliminate that. With over 220 spearo’s in and around the Cape Town area giving feed back on swell, water temp and visibility conditions, in various spearfishing locations around the Western Cape, the chances of you driving out to your favourite spot just to find that the conditions are less than ideal are slowly fading away. Photos of the locations are a great help too.

I will start posting comments from the Facebook page here (linked to my Twitter feed) with the #VisWatch hashtag.  Hoping that it will catch on.

Happy spearing all.

~ Shifty

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