Spearfishing: West Coast Rock Lobster Recreational Crayfishing Database – South Africa

15 Nov

Over fishing is definitely having an adverse affect on our seas and fish populations, with Cray season opening things can get a lot worse as people will take more than the allowed quota or undersized crays.

For us responsible divers, spearo’s and recreational crayfisher-men, please help us to find out what impact we are having on ocean life by filling in this online database.  Please fill it out whether you caught anything or not..

Bart Willems

To all the Crayfishers. Hope you’ll have a great season. Please complete this survey every time you go crayfishing – whether you get something or not…

It is our attempt as recreational divers and crayfishers to estimate the impact we have on the crayfish resource.

Only if all of you participate can we get sufficient data that might give us a foot to stand on in the future.

Any feedback or suggestions most welcome.


Please share the link to is site with all other recreational crayfishers you know others…

For more information on the dates about the Crayfish season please go here.
For a detailed map on the reserves, no take zones and where you are allowed to hunt crayfish go have a look here.

Regards, Shifty

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