Spearfishing – Shark Spotters (Guardians up high)

10 Jul
Spearfishing – Shark Spotters (Guardians up high)

We Believe that if we can reduce the already small risk of a shark bite then we can make a meaningful contribution to white shark conservation, contribute to the community’s well-being and set a precedent in how people and sharks can co-exist.

This is just a shout out to all those involved at SharkSpotters, for all their hard work and dedication, not only for our safety but that of our sea dwelling friends too.

Their website is a highly recommended one, with information on where and what they do, their flag system (as many people do not know what the different colours mean) and a great section on the different species of sharks and a detailed description of them <- My favourite ;)

I suggest everyone spends some time on the site and please, feel free to make a donation to them. It is all for a good cause.

Contact Details:
Cell – 078 174 4244
Office – 021 783 3592

Other Numbers:
Cape Town Emergency – 107 (Landline)
C.T. Emergency – 021 480 7700 (Cellphone)
NSRI – 021 449 3500 (NSRI)

Shark Spotters Flag Guide

Shark Spotters Flag Guide

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