Spearfishing – Shore Entry: Buoy & Float line management

18 Jan

Another article on USM – Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine, this time regarding shore entry and how to handle your buoy or float.

Unfortunately since Chris is from Durban we Capetonians have a few other things to worry about and since I can’t log in to the site (problem is being sorted out) I am going to post a technique that I use here.

When possible I will comment to the original post which can be found here –> USM – Shore Dive Entry

Float line management:
Some of the best hunting grounds and beautiful dive spots found in Cape Town are among kelp, as the fish feel more protected and tend to gather among the stalks.

I wrap my float line the way demonstrated in/and explained in the original article and as shown in Vol. 6 of USM, as most of us Cape Spearos will know dragging a buoy and float line through kelp is a painstaking and tiresome process.

Here is what I do;
With my line wrapped tightly and close to my float, I leave about 1m of line free (not the side that is attached to the float), my float line has spliced loops on either end. I then pass the loop through the hook on the handle of the gun and then slip it into a cheap light weight carabiner, which I then simply click onto the float.
Now everything is nice and snug and not going anywhere. When I get to a good spot, I unclip the carabiner, slide the loop back through the hook on the handle and re-attach the carabiner, which then gets put back on the loop.

At this point my speargun and buoy are separate.

Now here is the important part, I don’t recommend this if you do not have a reel gun. Take the float line, still wrapped up, and using the free end, wrap the carabiner around a kelp stalk and click the carabiner back onto the main line. Thus securing and anchoring your float on the spot. Now you can dive within 50m’s of your float without worrying about the line getting caught and tangled in the kelp.

It may seem tedious but it has saved me a lot of aggravation when swimming through thick and heavy kelp.

Hope this helps some of you out.

Lates, Shifty.

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