How things change

14 Jan

Since I started this little diamond diving adventure up here in Alexander Bay my spearfishing has taken a backseat unfortunately.
There isn’t really a place to go spearing up here as most of the coast is owned by the mine.

When we do get off and go back to Cape Town we do so because the sea is to rough to dive. The catch 22 of this is that at the same time the sea is up in Cape Town too.
Murphy can be a real pain in the arse!

Since I haven’t had a chance to spearfish my fitness has taken a dive as a result. Yes diamond mining is physically demanding but it doesn’t help your aerobic fitness.

So I have started to get myself in some sort of shape (still need to get beyond that 5min apnea mark!).

Running, pushups, situps and burpees make up my routine (no gym here) also practising on apnea walking and other exercises. Eating 100% healthy is difficult out here but I do the best I can.

Here is to being in the water again soon, without an umbilical feeding me oxygen!

Laters, Shifty.

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