Day 3 – Diamond Diving

20 Aug

Didn’t do much today, we went down to the mine, did some more prospecting and found a pretty sweet spot which we are going to try mine tomorrow, sea dependent.

After that we got home at about 13h30 to find all the shops close at 12h00 :(

Barend decided to take Red, his 18month old Ridgeback, for a run. There are miles upon miles of open, semi desert land here. You can get in your car and a few miles out of town you can drive for 100km without seeing anyone.
So we tagged along, partly because we were bored at home but mainly because he was taking one of his rifles along with him.

We stopped at his little range to get use to his knew scope on his .243. I must admit I am a deadly shot at both 100m & 200m, even with a slight cross wind blowing ;)

We then took a drive around looking for Jackals which we are allowed to shoot as they are vermin and attack the sheep here…didn’t find any :(

I am off to sleep now. Laters Shifty

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Posted by on August 20, 2011 in Ramblings


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