Day 2 – Diamond Diving

19 Aug

Today we headed down to the ‘mine’, by mine I mean the entire coastline as that is were we do the diving.

Firstly we stopped of at the harbour to make sure Barends boat was nice and secure. Tightening up mooring lines and laying another anchor.

Rough seas are predicted until Monday so we can’t get any diving in as the concession we are working in is shore based. It is far to dangerous to dive like that kind of water.

We spent the day walking the beach looking for other areas to try and mine, pretty much prospecting from the beach.

Walking around these massive rocks and boulders, I rounded one right on the edge and walked right into a sun bathing seal. Not really having a good look at him, I did notice foam around his mouth. He raised to all four and started ‘barking’ and blowing at me. I got the fright of my life and turned tail and ran, much to the enjoyment of my fellow works buddies.

I really don’t like seals that close and personal.

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Posted by on August 19, 2011 in Ramblings


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