Day 1 as a Diamond Diver

18 Aug

So this day (running on 36hours straight now) is almost over.

We started this long day by arriving here in Alexanderbaai at 6am and not sleeping at all on the bus due to the constant stop starting and a hour and a half delay due to a traffic accident.

We then had to go to the mine to get our security clearances, but this was easier said than done as we had to go from place to place getting this form then that form then to the hospital to change our dive medicals to some other type of certificate. Then back to the mine for headshots and access cards.

Finally at about 4pm we were able to sit down and relax. And right now we have just finish a divine Bluewater Buffalo venison curry and washed it down with a beer. Absolutely amazing!

Tomorrow we are heading to the mine/harbour to make sure the boat is moored properly and will throw in another anchor just incase as there is very rough seas predicted for the weekend.

We will then be heading to the site to jack up and move a massive boulder so we can work that pothole.

Will let you all know how it went tomorrow evening.

Laters and good evening, Shifty

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