Diamond Diver in training

17 Aug

I was lucky enough to secure a job before finishing my commercial divers course as a diamond diver up on the west coast in Alexander Bay, along with my close friend John.

We will be working in concession A1 area, which is the highest diamond deposits around.

Also, we will be doing all the grunt work from prospecting to marking off areas. Dredging and working the compressors. Dive outfit consists of a Hookah vest, DV and mask.

Once the gravel for the day has been sucked up we will be sorting and washing it ourselves. Looking for and removing the diamonds on the conveyor belt.

Sitting on the bus right now heading off to Springbok and from there to our new home for the next 3-4 weeks. We will be working on a 3weeks on, 1week off schedule. But depending on sea conditions that may change.

Will promise to keep this adventure updated almost daily.

Time to lie back and relax on the bus.
Hope you all are well.

Laters Shifty

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