Scuba fins :(

23 Apr

Still haven’t had time to go get my replace fin. So had to lend a pair of scuba fins from a friend, which, to my horror, had been cut in half.
I have no idea why and the only explanation he could offer was “I don’t know my dad did it for craying”.

So we get to Bantry Bay. John, Tyrel (his brother) and myself. There was a little swell coming in but nothing to worry about. It was Tyrels first time spearfishing so we were hoping for decent vis and a few fish.

Well the vis was shockingly bad 2m at the most and no fish to be seen but we stayed in for about an hour regardless. Showing him a few things, like how to dive, breathe up, duck dive and other interesting things. He did struggle as he was borrowing gear.

He had his 5mm suit (surf suit from England o.O), a friends bright pink weight belt with 4Kgs on it, body boarding fins, which are not much bigger than your foot and John’s mask and snorkel. He wasn’t happy as it was a left side snorkel. Mine is a left side snorkel and I prefer it to a right side.

When we decided to call it quits the swell had increased and was pushing up on the rocks rather heavily. We found a ‘good’ looking spot and decided to try there.

I was first to go… I started to make my way over and around some rocks trying my best to use the incoming waves, which lifted you about 1m higher, to get over some of the more painful looking rocks. At one point I got lifted up nicely and was sure I would make the landing, only to have the wave suck back heavily leaving me stuck between two rocks with a lot of surge. It felt like I was in a washing machine. Luckily I never hit a rock or lost any of my gear, including the float, gun, shoredive bags and our underwater camera.

After that I scrambled up the rocks like a mountaineer, thank the heavens above for spearfishing gloves.

Tyrel and John had better luck coming in as once I was up I found them a safer route in, this all after Tyrel, in a little bit of panic, grabbed John’s leg and try to pull himself along after some backwash pulled them.

After they floundered about like a pair of beaching whales a bit they came out, one of the most hair-raising exits I have had.

Even after the experience it seems we have gotten Tyrel hooked and he has already started looking at gear from the Deeperblue warehouse which is located in his hometown in England (lucky bastard)

Well let’s hope he stays with it.

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