Apnea Trainer

11 Apr
Apnea Trainer

Here is a little program I found to help with breathing and breath holding.

Apnea Trainer <- follow the link and download it from ‘Richocet’ first post.

Just download it and run, it is a very simple and easy to use little program and you can do it when ever you are sitting in front of your PC, I do it at work.

Here is what you need to know:

Intro= 120 <- the time before the ‘test’ actually starts
Max Breathhold= 150 <- time in seconds you will be holding your breath for
Increase hold time by= 20 <- time in seconds your breath hold will increase every Loop
Initial rest time=100 <- time in seconds of your rest period between holds
Decrease rest time= -10 <- time in seconds your reset period will decrease every Loop
Loops= 8 <- how many loops of holding and rest you will be doing

It really is a cool little program, but obviously nothing beats actually getting out there and diving.  Remember the more you dive the better your breath hold time will get, just never dive beyond your limits!

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