Saunders Rock

09 Apr

John and myself headed out to Saunder Rock today for a dive…according to reports there were plenty of fish.

Upon arrival we saw 3 spearo’s coming out the water with fish, looking good so far. The spearo’s turned out to be people we knew from the forum, Nico Bleeker (admin for Blue Spearo’s on Facebook) and Simon Peter (a regular on the forum).

We headed down as excited as can be and jumped (literally jumped) into the water.

The visibility was decent ±5meters and the depth has around 10meters and the fish…well they were everywhere, shoals of 30 odd very good sized fish.

John and myself each got 5 nicely size hotties but after 2 and half hours we were getting tired and decided to call it a day, having a reduced breath hold time of 10seconds wasn’t the safest thing either, we were diving often, not wanting to miss out and shortening our breathe up time, so pushed ourselves to new limits. Not something I will be doing any time soon.

Met and spoke to a few fishermen and other spearo’s that had arrived.

All in all it was an awesome dive. Now I need to get a GoPro so I can capture some images and videos.

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