7 Rules for Bluewater Hunting

07 Apr

7 Rules for Bluewater hunting

Some more ‘Rules’

#8: If your buddy sees a fish first you are obligated to let him rest up and dive unless he gives you the go ahead to try for the fish. (Unless your dive buddy is John then you just need to dive as quickly as possible and snake it from him)

#9: Always remember that the fish can hold their breath longer than you.

#10: If you think that fish is too deep for you, or if he is taking to long to come to shooting range.. Just leave it! It’s just a fish, you need to breathe.

#11: Aim only at what you intend to shoot…
Shoot only what you intend to kill…
Kill only what you intend to eat.

#12: Indifference to the fish. The less you care about them, the closer they get.

#13: Make sure you can swim faster than your buddy,in case you both get chased back to the boat by a shark. :p

#14: Take the time to get good pictures when your buddy shoots a good fish. They will last a lifetime.

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